Viewing images
Enter keywords in the search box below,these can be single words like cafe or bar and/or multiple words such as girl bar ( do not use words such as IN,OR,AND) then click GO to perform search.

At the top right hand side you will see a row of buttons,arrows will advance the pages forwards or backwards,home will take you back to first page of the database.

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After conducting a search you will be presented with a series of thumbnails,if you are a registered user you will be able to click on the thumbnail to view a preview image with full caption details.

Lightbox function
Underneath each thumbnail image, you will see a box with the word lightbox next to it . If you click in the white box, a red arrow will appear and the thumbnail will be stored on a page created for you - called a lightbox. To view this page once you have added your chosen images, click on the lightbox button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

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Once you have clicked on the lightbox button, you will see a page containing all the images that you selected. To clear the lightbox, click the button at the top of the page. If you do not clear the page at the end of a session, it will be saved for 90 days and will be visible on your next visit when you click the lightbox button.

Emailing your lightbox page address to a colleague
Clicking on the email button (top right hand corner of your lightbox page) will open a new window showing a blank version of the form above. Fill out the fields to send a colleague and/or yourself the address of your lightbox page and a message.

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Downloading Images
If you are a registered user,you have the facility of downloading high resolution versions of your chosen images,you can this this in two ways.
By clicking the download button below the preview image,a high resolution version will be sent immediately to your computer.

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If you have a few selections,you can download these in a batch by adding them to your lightbox and then selecting ZIP, a zipped version of images will then be sent to your computer,when unzipped will create a folder with your selected images within.

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If you have further help questions please contact us by email

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